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Whakatane Walking Tracks

Hastings Hut Route
A short but challenging route to the Hastings Hut via the Hastings Pole Bridge.
Category:  Route
Completion Time:  2 – 3 hr

Little Manganuku Track
This track starts from a historic ‘Howe Truss’ bridge and has excellent waterfall and forest views.
Category:  Walking track
Completion Time:  2 hr 30 min

Manganuku, Wahaatua, Pakihi Heads Track
This longer track follows the Manganunuku and Wahaatua Streams to Motu.
Category:  Tramping track
Completion Time:  10 – 12 hr

Mangapumarumaru Route
This strenuous 4 hour track starts in the Waioeka Gorge, 23km south of Opotiki.
Category:  Route
Completion Time:  3 – 4 hr

Marawaiwai Track
Marawaiwai Track, built by Opotiki College students, runs alongside a meandering stream through kahikitea forest. It is very easy, takes 20-30 minutes, and is suitable for all ages.
Category:  Walking track
Distance:  700 m
Completion Time:  20 – 30 min

Moanui, Nikau, Wairata Track
This challenging track cuts through dense bush and traces the headwaters of the Waioeka and its tributaries, offering excellent opportunities for trout fishing.
Category:  Route
Completion Time:  8 – 10 hr

Moanui, Tawa, Koranga Track
This round trip is a longer tramp and can be tackled in its entirety, or as two separate return trips to Tawa or Koranga Forks Hut.
Category:  Route
Completion Time:  6 – 8 hr loop

Ngutuoha Nature Trail
An easy loop trail with interpretation panels provide a 1 hour walking experience in the Waimana Valley at the north end of Te Urewera National Park.
Category:  Short walk
Distance:  2 km
Completion Time:  1 hr

Pakihi – Te Waiti loop route
Starting at the Pakihi Road end, this route exits onto Te Waiti Valley Road.
Category:  Route
Completion Time:  3 – 5 hr

Pakihi Hut to Motu Road
This route follows the now disused Motu-Opotiki stock track and is graded and well benched.
Category:  Route
Completion Time:  5 hr 30 min one way

Tauranga Loop Track
This walking track crosses the historic Tauranga Bridge and passes alongside the Tauranga Stream.
Category:  Tramping track
Completion Time:  1 hr 30 min – 3 hr return

Te Waiti Hut Walk
This track affords views of Te Waiti Stream and lowland forest and is suitable for a family day trip.
Category:  Walking track
Completion Time:  2 hr one way

Te Waiti Nature Trail
An ideal family walk through nikau and tawa forest.
Category:  Short walk
Completion Time:  1 – 2 hr

Te Waiti to Lagoon Route
Continue on from the Te Waiti Hut Walk to Lagoon Hut.
Category:  Route
Completion Time:  2 – 4 hr

Tokenui to Te Waiti Route
This route leads through the middle of the Urutawa Conservation Area. As it is rough and gorgy in places it is recommended for experienced trampers only.
Category:  Route
Completion Time:  6 – 8 hr

Waimana Valley tracks
The Waimana Valley at the northern end of Te Urewera National Park offers visitors a number of tramping options. You might be lucky to spot a long-tailed bat on one of your excursions in this area.
Category:  Tramping track

Whakatane River area routes
Several challenging routes are possible in the Whakatane River area. These should only be attempted by trampers with a high level of backcountry experience and skills including navigation and survival skills.
Category:  Route

Whakatane River tramping tracks
Tracks from the Whakatane River range from 3-5 days and can be quite challenging. There are many areas of private Maori land in this area. Access is permitted by no camping or hunting is allowed.
Category:  Tramping track