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Tauranga Airport Information


Tauranga Airport is serviced by Air New Zealand. To contact Tauranga Airport phone 07 575 2456.

* For more information visit the AirNZ website www.airnewzealand.co.nz or contact them on 0800 737 000.
* Lost baggage enquiries to Air New Zealand on 07 575 3666.

Tauranga City Council is responsible for managing the daily operation of Tauranga Airport.

Tauranga Airport is the fifth busiest airport nationwide and the third busiest in regard to general aviation.

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Tauranga Airport opened on January 18, 1939. In 1940, the land was acquired for the development of an RNZAF training station and two years later, the main hangar was built by the Ministry of Works.

Airline services began in 1946 with L-10-A and DC3 airliners.

In 1961, the Tauranga District Council, the Western Bay of Plenty District Council and the Crown entered into a joint venture to operate the Airport. In 1983, further land was purchased for future expansion.

The next significant development was in 1967, when the Airport closed to enable the construction of a 1,280 metre sealed 24-hour runway, passenger terminal and control tower. This work was completed and the Airport re-opened in 1968. The Airport was serviced at that time by Friendship aircraft.

In the period 1989-90, Friendships were phased out and replaced by smaller but more frequent-flying Bandierante, Metroliner and Saab aircraft. Airline services operate to Auckland and Wellington with the aircraft operated by Air New Zealand and its subsidiaries. A recent addition has been a scheduled service to Auckland and Palmerston North, offered by Nelson-based Origin Pacific Airways.

Other operations have developed at the Airport, mainly relating to small aircraft operators. They include aeronautical servicing industries and recreational flying – provided by the Aero Club and the Gliding Club, in patricular.

In 1998, the Tauranga District Council purchased the share of the Airport business owned by the Western Bay District Council, and the Crown and the existing joint venture agreement ended April 30,1998. Since this date, the Airport business has been 100% owned and operated by the Tauranga District Council.

The airport is busy, with no less than 77,000 aircraft movements a year. This is split between scheduled flights of 6,600 and other movements of 70,400. This makes it the fourth busiest controlled Airport in New Zealand – behind New Zealand’s three major international airports. In 1998, the sealed runway was extended to a length of 1,825 metres. This enables the operation of 737 or similar sized aircraft, and allows for the possible introduction of Trans Tasman services.

The Airport is operated by the Tauranga District Council and is an Airport Authority in terms of the Airport Authorities Act 1966. The Council is the certified aerodrome operator. A rescue fire service is provided under contract to one of the small airline operators.

Apart from the extension to the runway, the services at the airport have not been significantly improved since the initial developments in 1967. The challenge facing the Airport Board is to develop growth opportunities – , both in airline traffic and in aviation-linked business.This will pave the way for upgrading and improving the facilities.

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