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Nelson Walking Tracks

Angelus & Robert Ridge
Angelus, at 1610 metres, is perched high on the ranges between Lakes Rotoiti and Rotoroa in Nelson Lakes National Park.
Category:  Route
Completion Time:  2 – 3 days (5 – 9 hr each day with 3 route options)

Flower Brothers Walk
From Lake Rotoroa car park, this track passes through a stand of kahikatea and around the lake outlet emerging on the road near Lake Rotoroa Lodge.
Category:  Short walk
Completion Time:  15 min return

Lake Rotoiti short walks
Explore the Rotoiti Nature Recovery Project. The wheelchair-accessible Bellbird Walk leads into Honeydew Walk.
Category:  Short walk

Lake Rotoiti tramping tracks
Choose a tramping tracks in the area. You can circle around Lake Rotoiti, climb into the mountains above the lake or visit 40 m high Whisky Falls.
Category:  Tramping track

Lake Rotoiti walking tracks
View the walking tracks in the Lake Rotoiti area of National Lakes National Park.
Category:  Walking track

Lake Rotoroa walking tracks
Waterfalls, lakeside picnics and the tree fuschia await on the walking tracks of Lake Rotoroa in Nelson Lakes National Park.
Category:  Walking track

Matiri Valley & 1000 Acre Plateau
It is a 3 hour walk to Lake Matiri. From there you can do overnight tramps to 1000 Acre Plateau.
Category:  Tramping track

Murchison day walks
Murchison is the gateway to the southern entrance to Kahurangi National Park. Find out about the short day walks accessible from Murchison.
Category:  Short walk

Travers-Sabine Circuit
The Travers-Sabine Circuit is a medium to hard tramp traversing 80 km of river valleys and an alpine pass in Nelson Lakes National Park.
Category:  Tramping track
Distance:  80 km
Completion Time:  4 – 7 days