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Things to Do in Gisborne

From Cape Runaway in the north down to the Waikare River in the south, the Gisborne area offers a number of wilderness and recreational opportunities for people of all ages and abilities.

Anaura Bay Scenic Reserve

Anaura Bay Scenic Reserve covers 225 hectares of steep bush and regenerating native vegetation. Anaura Bay Walkway begins and ends in the reserve.
Location:  Anaura Bay is located 85 kilometres north of Gisborne.

Cook Landing Site National Historic Reserve
This National Historic Reserve Commemorates the first European landfall and meeting with Maori in 1769. It is also the landing place of the Horouta and Te Ikaroa-a-Rauru waka.
Location:  The Cook Landing Site National Historic Reserve is located on Kaiti Beach Road in Gisborne.

Gray’s Bush Scenic Reserve
Less than 10 km from Gisborne, Gray’s Bush features a small but important remnant of the kahikatea (podocarp) forest which once covered much of the Gisborne Plains. There are a number of walking tracks at the reserve.
Location:  Gray’s Bush Scenic Reserve is located on the north-eastern side of the Gisborne Plains beside the Back Ormond Road. It is 9.5 kilometres from Gisborne.

Morere Springs Scenic Reserve
The natural mineral hot pools at Morere Springs Scenic Reserve are a popular attraction. The reserve also features one of the last remaining tracts of coastal native forest on the East Coast.
Location:  Morere Springs Scenic Reserve is on State Highway 2, 8 km north of Nuhaka, 40 km northeast of Wairoa and 60 km southwest of Gisborne.

Mount Hikurangi – Te Ara ki Hikurangi
Recognised as the first point on the mainland to greet the morning sun, Mt Hikurangi is located on the east coast of the North Island.
Location:  Mt Hikurangi is on the Ruakumara Range, about 130 kilometres due north of Gisborne.

Okitu Scenic Reserve
Okitu Scenic Reserve, just minutes from central Gisborne, has been developed specifically as a place to teach school students about biodiversity and conservation.
Location:  The Okitu Scenic Reserve is located on State Highway 35 at the northern end of Wainui Beach, 7 km from central Gisborne.

Places to take hunting dogs in the Gisborne area
Learn where you can take your certified hunting dog in the Gisborne area. You will require a permit.
Location:  Various locations around the Gisborne area.

Te Tapuwae o Rongokako Marine Reserve
Te Tapuwae o Rongokako Marine Reserve lies about 16 kilometres north of Gisborne. The reserve contains eight marine habitat types including inshore reef, rocky intertidal platforms, sediment flats and more.
Location:  The reserve lies approximately 16 km north of Gisborne. It can be reached via State Highway 35, with public access at Pouawa.

Whinray Scenic Reserve
Whinray Scenic Reserve is a 429 hectare reserve featuring native forest and a spectacular set of waterfalls on the wild and scenic Motu River.
Location:  It is located 87 km from Gisborne, halfway between Opotiki and Gisborne.